The Healthy Aging Show’s first—and continuing—attempt to get information about how we can all be more healthy was as a radio show for a local audience. We simply wanted to provide a forum for the mass of valuable information that we encountered as owners and operators of a business that provided in-home, non-medical health care services in Lower Fairfield County, Connecticut.

The response was incredible and then the light went on!

We found that the audience for this information was huge! And because we enjoyed the process of searching out and developing this useful information—and found it was important to our listeners—we looked for a way to broaden our audience.

The easiest and most effective way to do that was via the Internet.

So, was born.

What follows is an easy-to-access listing of the hundreds of programs that we have broadcast in the past 6 years. Listen to them right here on your desktop or laptop computer. Or download an entire show or just a segment that interests you and listen on your computer, your mp3 player or a smartphone.

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Discharge Planning – Going Home from Rehab

Regency – Part2-Jeanne Ormand

Regency Heights – A Determination to Make a Difference

Under it’s previous corporate owner, the skilled nursing and rehab facility that has been a Stamford Connecticut for over 40 years was faced with uncertainty and then with closure. The staff of committed professionals rallied the support of the residents and their families and the community to change that. Like the rising of the Phoenix, Regency Heights emerged with a new owner and the same committed staff.
Grace Flight the Executive Director of Regency recounts the historic victory. They preserved a much needed resource for the community. Grace discusses the role of the Skilled Facility and the difficult challenges of today’s healthcare system.

Regency – Part1-Grace Flight

What You Don’t Know About Your Pharmacy May Surprise You

Pharmacists are the glue that binds patients with the healing medicine prescribed by their doctors. As much an art as it is a science, these professionals are charged with the complex task of making sure that what’s ordered is delivered and hopefully understood by the patient.
Hope Street Pharmacy, a small regional firm is expert in the process of dosing, packaging, compounding and educating. Pharmacist Diane Corba spoke with us on a number of subjects and brings to light this very important and often misunderstood role in a very complex healthy care delivery system.
Hope Street Pharma – Track 1
Hope Street Pharma – Track 2

Nevah Surrendah or Controlling the Symptoms of Parkinson’s and Palliative Care, Little Known, Definitely Underused- 10/23/11

There is no cure yet for Parkinson’s disease but Paul Green of Westport Connecticut knows that he has discovered a means of controlling his disease through exercise. Paul launched a website that he calls Nevah Surrendah after his World War 2 hero Winston Churchill. The site is packed with resources and information that assists the reader with virtually any facet of diagnosis, treatment and control of the disease.
Paul spent a morning with us discussing his work, the site and how this information will benefit others.

When someone is faced with what could be a life threatening illness, hospice is not the only alternative. PALLIATIVE CARE of which hospice is a subset is available to ease and treat the symptoms while still treating the disease. Little known or misunderstood by many we spoke with Sue Cottle RN who has spent years as administrator of hospice and palliative care services in the southwestern Connecticut area.

102211 Paul Green – Broadcast Segment 1

102211 Paul Green – Broadcast Segment 2

102211 Palliative Care – Broadcast Segment 3

102211 Palliative Care – Broadcast Segment 4

Link to Nevah Surrendah website

What is a Aging Disability Resource Center? — Changes to Medicare Part D Perscription Drug Plans 10-16-11

An Aging Disability Resource Center, contrary to the name is not a place but is a resource that exists under the banner of the Area Agency on Aging around the US. It is designed as a one stop location for seniors and their families to get information and access to services that enable seniors to remain independent in their own. According to the Administration on Aging – ” The Aging and Disability Resource Center Program (ADRC), a collaborative effort of AoA and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), is designed to streamline access to long-term care. The ADRC program provides states with an opportunity to effectively integrate the full range of long-term supports and services into a single, coordinated system. By simplifying access to long-term care systems, ADRCs and other single point of entry (SEP) systems are serving as the cornerstone for long-term care reform in many states.”

Marie Allen – Executive Director of the Southwestern Area Agency on Aging in Bridgeport, CT discusses the Resource Center- What, How, Where and Why.

MEDICARE PERSCRIPTION DRUG PLAN – PART D This year as before there are significant changes that need to be known by those eligible or becoming eligible for Medicare. Perhaps most significant is the Enrollment and Plan Change Dates which are now OCT 15th to Dec 7th.

Lisa Alhabal Communications Specialist for the Area Agency on Aging offers timely and useful information that will make navigating this sometimes complex Medicare benefit a bit easier

100911 Marie Allen-Aging Disab Res Ctr- Segment 1

100911 Marie Allen-Aging Disab Res Ctr- Segment 2

100911 Lisa Alhabal – Medicare Part D – Segment 3

100911 Lisa Alhabal – Medicare Part D – Segment 4

SUBSTANCE ABUSE – Recognizing the Signs — Preventable Diseases Can Save a $Trillion — Supplements from Shady Origin — Non Alcohol Beer Aides Athletic Recovery — Clinical Trials for the Elderly, Exclude the Elderly 9/25/11

Dependency upon drugs or alcohol plagues many. Recognizing that a problem exists sometimes involves soul searching and may require the help of someone else. Admitting to a problem is often the first hurdle. As people age there are other factors that play a part in the chemistry of substances such as alcohol. metabolism, physical activity, diet and prescription as well as over the counter drugs play important roles.

Bill Gonzales of Liberation Programs, Inc. in Norwalk CT has spent his career helping people overcome their dependency. Recently Bill joined us to talk about the issue. Our discussion is informative and uncovers things that may not be commonly known.

092511 Liberation Programs-Substance Abuse -Segment 1

092511 Liberation Programs-Substance Abuse -Segment 2

092511Save a Trillion-Ing Shady Origin-Non Alcoh Beer-Segment 3

092511 ClincalTrials Exclude Elderly -Segment 4

Palliative Care – Hospice? Why Something So Helpful is Under Used

Caring for someone in declining health is something people have done for one another since the beginning of time. Providing comfort and hope when most other options have passed is what hospice is about. But treating a person with a life threatening condition can be quite different and offers the person with a multitude of options. That is what palliative care is.

To say these terms are misunderstood would be an understatement. To say that this service is under utilized is a fact. Most hospice patients start too close to the end of life to get the full benefits. Palliative care is perhaps even less understood. Both offer tremendous benefits to the person, the family and the health care provider.

We invited Sue Cottle of Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care of Southwest Connecticut (VNHC) to talk on these very important topics.

091111-VNHC – Hospice – Broadcast Segment 1

091111-VNHC – Hospice – Broadcast Segment 2

Lise Jamison 9-11-11 Broadcast Segment 3

091111 Parental Drinking-Broadcast Segment 4

Aging in Place – Sleep- Dog Ate My Prescription

Aging in Place is a term that defines how more and more seniors and the burgeoning Baby Boomers want to age in their own homes. Being able to do that is a challenge for many and has given rise to a number of organizations around the country whose purpose is to enable that goal.

073111 Lise Jamison – Broadcast Part 1

073111 Lise Jamison – Broadcast Part 2

073111 Evan Steep – Broadcast Part 3

073111 og Ate My Perscrip – Broadcast Part 4

Is Your Sleep Elusive? – Looking for Care for Elders? Look to the Area Agency on Aging- Caregivers Corner-Medication Related Injuries

Being able get to sleep and being able to stay asleep for many may be more of a goal than a reality. Understanding why we have sleep problems and what we can do to make them better, goes a long way toward getting rested and able to function well during your waking hours.

Dr. Evan Steep, a Pulmonologists and Sleep Specialist discusses in this first of a multi-part interview on what we need to know about sleep and what we can do to help ourselves and finding those that can assist.

Finding Answers to Care for the Elderly – Area Agency on Aging
There are a lot of things we just don’t know and it doesn’t matter until we have a need. Often issues of aging and care come about by a crisis and finding solutions can be a challenge. Marie Allen, Executive Director of the Southwest Area Agency on Aging in CT continues her interview to discuss even ,ore things you probably didn’t know.

Care Givers Corner
Gerontologist Sheryl Inglat discusses how we handle those care giving issues such as “You Didn’t Tell Me I Have an Appointment – I Don’t Want to Go” Search Sheryl Inglat for more topics on care giving.

Medication Related Injuries
The number of people treated in hospitals in the United States for problems related to medication errors has surged more than 50 percent in recent years. NY Times

072411 Evan Steep – Sleep – Broadcast Part 1

072411 Evan Steep – Sleep – Broadcast Part 2

072411 Marie Allen – Area Agency Track 2a – Broadcast Part 3

072411 Sheryl Inglat Shopping-Med Related Injury – Broadcast Part 4


Medication-Related Injuries on the Rise

Planning for Trusts and Estates – more Concierge Medicine – Caregiver’s Corner

Planning for your demise can be about as exciting as watching metal rust, but without it a lot of things may happen which aren’t to our liking. Making what you have worked so hard to get as efficient in your retirement and ultimately in your estate makes all the sense in the world.
07-17-11 Broadcast-Part 1

07-17-11 Broadcast-Part 2

07-17-11 Broadcast-Part 3

07-17-11 Broadcast-Part 4

07-17-11 WHOLE SHOW – Broadcast – Danile, Gamble, Inglat

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