Nevah Surrendah or Controlling the Symptoms of Parkinson’s and Palliative Care, Little Known, Definitely Underused- 10/23/11

There is no cure yet for Parkinson’s disease but Paul Green of Westport Connecticut knows that he has discovered a means of controlling his disease through exercise. Paul launched a website that he calls Nevah Surrendah after his World War 2 hero Winston Churchill. The site is packed with resources and information that assists the reader with virtually any facet of diagnosis, treatment and control of the disease.
Paul spent a morning with us discussing his work, the site and how this information will benefit others.

When someone is faced with what could be a life threatening illness, hospice is not the only alternative. PALLIATIVE CARE of which hospice is a subset is available to ease and treat the symptoms while still treating the disease. Little known or misunderstood by many we spoke with Sue Cottle RN who has spent years as administrator of hospice and palliative care services in the southwestern Connecticut area.

102211 Paul Green – Broadcast Segment 1

102211 Paul Green – Broadcast Segment 2

102211 Palliative Care – Broadcast Segment 3

102211 Palliative Care – Broadcast Segment 4

Link to Nevah Surrendah website


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