SUBSTANCE ABUSE – Recognizing the Signs — Preventable Diseases Can Save a $Trillion — Supplements from Shady Origin — Non Alcohol Beer Aides Athletic Recovery — Clinical Trials for the Elderly, Exclude the Elderly 9/25/11

Dependency upon drugs or alcohol plagues many. Recognizing that a problem exists sometimes involves soul searching and may require the help of someone else. Admitting to a problem is often the first hurdle. As people age there are other factors that play a part in the chemistry of substances such as alcohol. metabolism, physical activity, diet and prescription as well as over the counter drugs play important roles.

Bill Gonzales of Liberation Programs, Inc. in Norwalk CT has spent his career helping people overcome their dependency. Recently Bill joined us to talk about the issue. Our discussion is informative and uncovers things that may not be commonly known.

092511 Liberation Programs-Substance Abuse -Segment 1

092511 Liberation Programs-Substance Abuse -Segment 2

092511Save a Trillion-Ing Shady Origin-Non Alcoh Beer-Segment 3

092511 ClincalTrials Exclude Elderly -Segment 4


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