Is Your Sleep Elusive? – Looking for Care for Elders? Look to the Area Agency on Aging- Caregivers Corner-Medication Related Injuries

Being able get to sleep and being able to stay asleep for many may be more of a goal than a reality. Understanding why we have sleep problems and what we can do to make them better, goes a long way toward getting rested and able to function well during your waking hours.

Dr. Evan Steep, a Pulmonologists and Sleep Specialist discusses in this first of a multi-part interview on what we need to know about sleep and what we can do to help ourselves and finding those that can assist.

Finding Answers to Care for the Elderly – Area Agency on Aging
There are a lot of things we just don’t know and it doesn’t matter until we have a need. Often issues of aging and care come about by a crisis and finding solutions can be a challenge. Marie Allen, Executive Director of the Southwest Area Agency on Aging in CT continues her interview to discuss even ,ore things you probably didn’t know.

Care Givers Corner
Gerontologist Sheryl Inglat discusses how we handle those care giving issues such as “You Didn’t Tell Me I Have an Appointment – I Don’t Want to Go” Search Sheryl Inglat for more topics on care giving.

Medication Related Injuries
The number of people treated in hospitals in the United States for problems related to medication errors has surged more than 50 percent in recent years. NY Times

072411 Evan Steep – Sleep – Broadcast Part 1

072411 Evan Steep – Sleep – Broadcast Part 2

072411 Marie Allen – Area Agency Track 2a – Broadcast Part 3

072411 Sheryl Inglat Shopping-Med Related Injury – Broadcast Part 4


Medication-Related Injuries on the Rise


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