12/19/10 Probate Court and How it Works

How the Probate Court works can be confusing for th average person. Here’s an informative and useful way to get a better understanding of the “people’s court.”

Anthony DePanfilis, Judge of Probate for the Norwalk-Wilton District was featured on The Healthy Aging Show to discuss what is often a misunderstood part of the court system.

Today, in addition to their traditional role of overseeing decedents’ estates and trusts, the probate courts handle a wide range of sensitive issues affecting children, the elderly, persons with mental retardation, and individuals with psychiatric disabilities. In carrying out their responsibilities, the probate courts strive to protect the rights of individuals while affording those involved in probate matters an approachable and consumer-friendly environment.


Probate Courts in Connecticut
The Probate Court and You
Guidelines for Guardianship of Minors
Probate Court Procedures Involving Persons with Mental Retardation
Guidelines for Administration of Decedents’ Estates
Guidelines for Conservators
Listing of Official Probate Court Forms
Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption Procedures
Understanding Trusts: A Look at Living Trusts and Other Trusts
What are the Probate Court Fees and Costs?


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